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ThinkPad Basic Docking Station (UK Standard Plug Type G) 40AG0090UK

ThinkPad Basic Docking Station (UK Standard Plug Type G) 40AG0090UK

SKU: 40AG0090UK

ThinkPad Basic Docking Station (UK Standard Plug Type G)


  • The innovative side connector of the ThinkPad Basic Docking Station, designed exclusively for ThinkPad notebooks, provides a driver-free way to connect conveniently and securely to a range of USB accessories and external displays, while rapid charging support and a mirrored power button make it easy to disconnect and go. Designed for large enterprise environments, the ThinkPad Basic Docking Station supports PXE boot, wake on LAN, and MAC address pass-through, simplifying asset management for IT managers. Painstakingly designed and extensively tested, the ThinkPad Basic Docking Station provides a seamless docking experience to enhance productivity and convenience. Depending on many factors such as the processing capability of the host and peripheral devices, file attributes, and other factors related to system configuration and operating environments, the actual data transfer rate may be slower than 5 Gbit/s on USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) connectors, slower than 10 Gbit/s on USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectors, and slower than 20Gbit/s on USB 3.2 connectors Supports UHD video experience via the DP 1.4 port*; Rapid charge power delivery to selected laptops – 80% charged in 30 minutes; Rear-side always-on USB charging port for tablets, phones, and other small devices, even when the laptop is disconnected; Designed with features IT managers need, making asset management, updates, and security consistent and simple: vPro, PXE boot and Wake-On LAN, MAC address pass-through and optional master key lock; “*”An active adapter is required to convert DisplayPort to HDMI or other video ports, 3rd party Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (Option PN: 78010675) available to convert DisplayPort to HDMI, Lenovo DP to HDMI adapter (Option PN: 0B47395) is a passive adapter, and is not compatible with the Basic Docking Station

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